Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So you wanna be a TV star? How to be a craft star on TV.

When I was 18 my sister took me to see a psychic. I asked her "what I will be when I grow up?" She confidently replied, "a newscaster". What! You have got to be kidding me is exactly what I shrieked in utter disgust feeling ripped off. What a wack job I thought.
Well low and behold 10 years later I would become just that! A newscaster. Who knew? I never intended to be a TV personality it just happened. 15 years, two Emmy's and the title of "Craft Queen"
here I sit before you to tell you....YOU CAN DO IT TOO! I spent many years(and still do) in front of a camera talking to hundreds of thousands of people every day for 4 hours every day! A 3 minute segment that I was responsible for everyday turned my life around. After reading the news and doing interviews I did a craft segment everyday for 10 years. (that's 2,400 hundred segments by the way) and created crafts shows that have been very successful. I have seen it, done it and said it all...not always well. But crafts has always been my calling. Some how, some way I am going to figure out a way to give the masses the self confidence to create beautiful things in their lives. When I watch Martha Stewart my heart aches thinking...I want to be standing right where she is someday! Well I'm not there yet and I will die trying.
Thru my years on TV I learned one thing. I love to teach. It just so happens I get to do it on TV!
I was shooting a segment today for my web based show with my good crafty friend Crafty Chica.
I was whining about the fact that I really don't have a product line or a bunch of books or blah blah blah and I don't know what to do with myself. All I am good at is doing TV. And she said...why don't you teach people how to be on TV! WOW. Great idea. So you all have the Chica to thank because now I am going to begin sharing my knowledge with you! Starting tomorrow! (7/31/08) I do a radio show on the CraftRadioNetwork live every Thursday at 1:00 p.m. Pacific Coast time. I am bringing on a former co-worker of mine who is now running her own Public Relations business. She spent many years booking guests and walking them thru their first interview. I will begin breaking thru the myths of Live TV. How to get on TV and where to begin. As I work thru it and flush it out I will keep adding to it on my blog, and on my radio show. So here is your big chance...tune in and listen! If you have a question call us at 1-877-474-3302. If you can't listen at your computer live no worries you can listen to the archives. You can find them on my site or the networks site. Wow! I feel really excited to help those of you who feel the passion to educate the masses. If you are going to put yourself out there you want to do it right. I'm here to help! To see some of my work you can watch the live TV segments I still do every Tuesday and Thursday. Just click on Terri O Live. bye for now and get your questions ready for tomorrows show!
Terri O

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Maija said...

Hi Terri O!
I just saw your segment on the ATC's. I was a contributor to this book and I am a local girl (Ahwatukee). My collection is different than Jen's if you ever want to have a look!

Maija Lepore