Friday, October 3, 2008

Are you ready for Halloween?

‘Tis the season to be busy! As October approaches it brings us to the months ahead of holidays, parties, decorations and of course craft projects. This month I think you will find a few projects that will not only help you get thru all the holidays but start your seasonal festivities off right.

We came up with a great way to create your very own “Spooky Invitations”. The best part is that your party favor is built right in! Tulip has these awesome iron on’s. See how we turned them into invitations.

Speaking of spooky - your kids, grand kids or maybe even you, will love to create
these amazing Halloween decorations. The best part is that they come with
everything you need to be devilishly creative.

Your table will never be without a centerpiece again with Flora Crafts new Create in a Vase! I really love this idea. You can use this vase over and over again. It even makes a great hostess gift!

If you need some creative inspiration do what I do and flip thru Creative Home Arts magazine. I love all of the great ideas they have and this month as an added bonus, I am bringing one of their creations to life. Learn how to create a beautiful Amber necklace and earring set for yourself or someone special in your life. You won’t believe how easy it is to make your own jewelry.

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Check out some of our Halloween projects on!

Go to the website; click on Terri O Live; click on TV Segments or click here. Scroll down through the brand new segments as well as those posted for Halloween 2007. There you will find how to make scabs and flesh wounds, blood and guts, easy and green Halloween decorations, and see how you can get in the mood with a simple home-made, spooky t-shirt!

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October 23:

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Archived Radio Show:

If you want some sage advice from the Queen of Clean on what to do with your craft tools when you’re finished for the day, listen in to our radio show with guest Linda Cobb.

Tips for Halloween Crafts:

  • Did you know that if you spray your carved pumpkin inside and out with an anti-transpirant it will prevent moisture loss and last longer? I use Wilt-Pruf which you can find at home and garden stores.

  • If you have little ones around the house, you might want to consider pumpkin painting instead of pumpkin carving. It’s safer; it opens up a wide creative door and kids love to paint!

  • Using makeup instead of a mask can prevent breathing problems, site restriction and the hassle of removing and replacing the mask. Plus, makeup is more fun to put on!

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