Monday, March 31, 2008

April Fools

Wow I can't believe April is here! I just found out I am pregnat and it's twins. I was so drunk when I heard the news I crashed my car. The glue gun I had hot wired into the dash set my purse on fire and I lost a thousand dollars guessed it April Fools!
No seriously I am happy spring has sprung and I get to show off more webisodes. I have some fun and quirkey projects and some that will plain'ol save you some time.
If you get a chance check out the segments I did on Good Morning Arizona. Last week I showed off a really cool project using 12 x 12 squares of styrofoam to hang on your wall. They are sooooo cute. Hundreds of people logged on to see it. This month I am going to show off some of the stuff I shot at the Craft and Hobby trade show. Wait until you see the cabinet organizer! OMG!
Since it is so nice outside I thought I would do a couple of segments on creating outdoor decor.

In the next couple of days check out the new webisodes. I also posted the video from the media tour I did in New York. The theme was "Fashion Crafting" I loved the solder jewelry. BTW I did that on Good Morning Arizona too last week! Enjoy!

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